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You may submit a blog as a guest, without having to register. Submit your blog post using the link to the Blogger form below. Once received, OMN staff will review and either approve for posting, or the post will be deleted for not meeting OMN requirements.

Blog submissions are generally approved within a matter of a couple hours, but may take as long as 24 hours. Once approved, your submission will be posted immediately and you will receive an email confirming the post, with a link to it.

Blogs should contain a minimum count of 500 words. There is no maximum.

OMN reserves all rights in the approval process.

Guest Blogging - How It All Works
Images & Links

You may upload one image as a featured blog post image and two additional images as part of your content, exceeding that number may disqualify your submission.

You may place links in your post, but links promoting products or services, or links posted in self interest, will disqualify your submission. Links are limited to one per post.

Blogger submissions must contain original content. Copyright violations will immediately disqualify your submission.

Blogging Ideas

Blogs related to the following content are preferred, but we are open to other submissions and all submissions will be considered.

Dispensary Experiences (not reviews).
Cooking With Marijuana, Recipes.
Oklahoma Lifestyles.
Integrating Medical Marijuana Into Your Daily Life.
Oklahoma Entertainment.
Medical Marijuana Uses, Medical Condition Specific.
Healthy Lifestyles Gardening

Resident Bloggers

OMN will monitor you Blogger submissions. Once establishing a few approved posts, the approval process will be removed from your submissions and you will be given an OMN Resident Blogger Page to showcase who you are.

As an OMN Resident Blogger, you will able to link externally to your own blog, promote your expertise and share with others, unfiltered.

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